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© 2019 by Shaun Bartlett


My Mummy’s Magic' is a heart-warming tribute to motherhood, which provides a great platform to teach children about pregnancy at the same time as entertaining them. Understanding where babies come from and appreciating the changes and demands on a mother’s body can be challenging for young children. 'My Mummy’s Magic' helps them to connect with the concept of pregnancy through a child’s eyes and vivid imagination, laid out in lively art. 

Through simple rhythm and rhyme, 'My Mummy’s Magic' explains the changes occurring for both mummy and baby at each stage, with friendly creatures from all over the world joining in the fun to give visual clues as to the baby’s growth:


'For in her magic belly,

Taking shape at speed,

Was me so teeny tiny –

It’s hard now to believe.

I was no bigger than an ant!'


Although the story can be enjoyed by any parent and child, it has been written so that mothers and mothers-to-be have an avenue to bond with their children over one of the most significant, but sometimes underappreciated, events of their lives. 

Just as importantly, 'My Mummy’s Magic' can ease the difficult nine-month transition for older children prior to the arrival of their new sibling, providing simple explanations and visual clues that a young child can understand. As such, 'My Mummy’s Magic' is a wonderful addition to any child’s bookshelf, but it is also a fantastic gift idea for special occasions, such as Mother's Day and baby showers. There has never been a better answer to 'where do baby’s come from?' 


Title: My Mummy's Magic
Publisher: Published in Australia by Little Steps Publishing in 2019
Author: Shaun Bartlett
Illustrator: Denise Muzzio
age range: 2-7
Size: 240mmx210mm wide portrait
Format: standard 32 pages, hardback
ISBN: 978-1-925839-35-7


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My Mummy's Magic

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