'My Mummy’s Magic' is a heart-warming tribute to motherhood, which provides a great platform to teach children about pregnancy at the same time as entertaining them. Understanding where babies come from and appreciating the changes and demands on a mother’s body can be challenging for young children. 'My Mummy’s Magic' helps them to connect with the concept of pregnancy through a child’s eyes and vivid imagination, laid out in lively art. 


Key features:

  • Rhyming with repeated stanza.

  • Cleverly communicates the baby's growth with help of cute and cuddly creatures.

  • Covers the most familiar pregnancy stages such as morning sickness, cravings, ultrasounds, first kick and more!



Title: My Mummy's Magic
Publisher: Published in Australia by Little Steps Publishing in 2019
Author: Shaun Bartlett
Illustrator: Denise Muzzio
age range: 2-7
Size: 240 mm x 210 mm wide portrait
Format: standard 32 pages, hardback
ISBN: 978-1-925839-35-7

My Mummy's Magic

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